September 17, 2022

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Aly SC Events 1.0

Welcome to an overview of Aly's Star Citizen In-Game Events. This idea has been a long time in coming and is just the beginning. The genesis of the idea started the first time I saw the Origin 890 Jump.


Welcome to an overview of Aly’s Star Citizen Game Events. This idea has been a long time in coming and is just the beginning. The genesis of the idea started the first time I saw the Origin 890 Jump. From the moment I saw the concept images, I wanted to host Murder Mysteries in the game similar to how my daughters and I used to host them in real life. However, the game itself needed the ability for me to impact the in-game world and for those impacts to persist, at least aboard a ship.

My family and I regularly orchestrated social events at home. My ex is a chef, I write and my girls do crafts. It was the perfect storm for having fun dinner parties across two generations of family and friends. I’m still close to my children’s friends, and I think it’s owed to those days of collective entertainment. After thinking about it for quite some time and waiting for the game mechanics to be ripe for it, I’ve distilled the idea down to its essentials. Phase one of those features is coming online.

My style of hosting Murder Mysteries requires very distinct capabilities such as randomly assigning players roles, distinct locations connected to the events, physical props, the ability to sequence the events aka guide the experience, and an opportunity for players to guess who dunnit. That’s quite a bit to do well. Wanting to start sooner than later I divided the idea into modules based on which parts could minimally be used to form a game. And while the idea was refined, I could host events in Star Citizen until I had all the pieces for a real Murder Mystery.


What I decided to do was take the essence of presenting a scenario (question) and providing hints – either based on physical items that were part of the actual game or those I placed in the world or lore, was equivalent to giving clues that a player can use to deduce an answer. Hrm, what kind of game can I construct that uses those elements while the more complex roleplaying and story delivery aspects are being worked out? Jeopardy and Scavenger Hunts ticked all of my checkboxes, so that’s what I’ve built.

Players can register for two types of events – Jeopardy and Scavenger Hunts. Both require in-game interaction of searching for clues. The biggest difference is that the former takes place all over the game, requiring players to visit existing locations looking for answers based on content the developers built. The latter takes place on a ship where the host places objects for players to find in a close-quarters competition.

Events will be posted in advance and players are required to register for the event as I’ll have a maximum number for a given game. Prizes will be rewarded that are all related to Star Citizen of course. I’m excited to have gotten this far. I think it will be extremely gratifying to use my ships and the massive amount of subscriber flair I’ve accumulated over the years, to make my own fun.

I’m planning a test run with a few folks from the main organization that I’m a member of before going public. Am super-duper excited to get these going! Hopefully, I’ll have worked out how to accommodate my coup de grĂ¢ce, Who Dunnits, by the end of the year.

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