Aly's World Release 1.0

Welcome to the first release of Alysianah Noire’s World of Star Citizen, a portal of my Star Citizen related content. This is the first iteration, reflecting the bare minimum of what’s planned.  I’m excited to share this information with the community and hope you find it useful. More features will be added as time allows. Please keep in mind that this is a labor of love and not a full time occupation. I will address issues as I’m able.  Keep your feedback constructive and polite.

I started down this road after becoming intrigued by the information presented in the official ARK Starmap. It was entertaining to explore what will become our physical universe and read the bits of lore it contained. I enjoy the lore for its storytelling aspects. I also endeavor to include lore and star system information in my content to enhance the context of the topic being discussed. The star system information is also very relevant to player careers, a huge focus for me in MMOs.

This site reflects a desire to have the star system information more accessible and open up opportunities to more easily add relevant lore from the Galactic Guides. I also tend to do research for articles on a mobile device and the ARK Starmap isn’t mobile device friendly.


  • Starmap Matrix – list of all known star systems according to the ARK Starmap
  • Star System Dossiers – star system information focused around specific player professions
  • Universe Timeline – slideshow of Star Citizen universe historical timeline
  • Ship Reviews – collection of ships I’ve reviewed
  • Player Professions – collection of player professions I’ve reviewed
  • Guides & Tutorials – discussions about game mechanics
  • Articles – various articles I’ve written
  • Casual Citizen – Casual Citizen YouTube series
  • Site Updates – Information on updates to this website


  • Daily retrieval of data from the official ARK Starmap – frequency will be increased as necessary
  • Starmap Matrix page that shows all known star systems
    • Designed to support easy scanning of high level system data
    • Supports searching for a specific system
    • Clicking column headings will sort the matrix by that attribute
    • Clicking a star system name opens up the System Configuration Dossier for additional information
  • Star System Dossier Pages
    • Detailed System Configuration – detailed info on a single star system
    • Gas Giants – star systems that have gas planets. Relevant to refueling career/ships.
    • Asteroid Belts – star systems that have asteroid belts. Relevant to mining career.
    • Green / Habitable – star systems that have green planets. Relevant to careers such as trade, import, export, etc. that rely on consumers.
    • Fair Chance Act – star systems designated as protected for developing species. Relevant to science and potentially contraband/black market activities.

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