Aly's World EMag - May 2019

As mentioned on Casual Citizen Episode 32, at the end of my content writing cycle, I will produce Casual Citizen or Nightbus, as well as combine all the content into an eBook. In addition to working more on my own fiction, I’m also teaching myself interior book design and self-publishing. This gives me the opportunity to use one of my guilty pleasures toward a future goal. I hope you enjoy.

You can easily find directions on YouTube if you want to actually import the associated format into your Kindle, iPad or Nook. Otherwise, go for the Print or EPUB format.


As mentioned in the show, I’ll be compiling the content produced during a cycle into an eBook/eMagazine for those who might enjoy reading the articles as chapters with the ability to use bookmarks and whatnot.

eBook Formats

I hope you enjoy.

Volume 2.1: Coming in April 2017

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BRYONY’S DILEMMA – Part 3 of 3



I’m fully back from my hiatus only part of which was planned. Getting sick and losing my voice right beforehand, was the unplanned part. The majority of my hiatus was due to renovations being done on my home that would allow me to carve out a permanent recording location that was away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day family life, among other quality of life changes. It was stressful and hectic but I’m extremely pleased with the outcome and the flexibility it will allow.

Owed to having more control over when I can record shows, I have four lined up for April. Yes, that’s a goal of producing one show per week. These will alternate between Casual Citizen and NightBus episodes. Even with a dedicated recording space, this is still a tall order to incorporate into my real life responsibilities. However, it’s something I feel very motivated to attempt. On the plus side, two of the shows have already been recorded so I’d say that I’m off to an excellent start!

This month’s shows are:

  • Casual Citizen 27 – Origin 890 Jump
  • NightBus 4 – Bryony’s Dilemma
  • Casual Citizen 28 – The Vanduul Menace
  • NightBus 5 – The Exterminator

Casual Citizen Episode 27 will be released on Sunday, April 9th.


Alysianah’s World Route Planner

An early release of a Jump Point planning tool was published to a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was neck deep in work and the renovations happening at home. In the coming weeks, I’ll do an official write up on the tool, how to use it and my future plans which include adding a visual representation of the star systems. Completing this feature rounds out my initial vision for Aly’s World other than continuing to add ship and player career-related content, along with guides as more features are included in the persistent universe.