Full Name: John James  | Nickname: JJ

Podcity Co-Owner & Station Security  |  Cutlass Black


John James is an introvert who is very comfortable in his skin. A self-appointed bachelor his list of friends is slim – much to his preference. Having been close to his mother, he’s a gentleman and protective of women in general. He wants a life that’s ‘no fuss and no muss’. His introduction says it all, “John James. Simple name. Simple life.” Until he lets his guard down he’s gruff and doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

We first meet John at Maggie’s pub, the Red Dragon on Grim Hex, where he’s a senior member of the local contract security force.

Physical Characteristics

  • He’s in his early thirties.
  • Six-foot-four stocky frame.
  • Dark curly hair that rests on his forward just above a unibrow.
  • Disarming smile with cherub-like cheeks when he smiles.
  • Often whistles while he walks with his hands in his pockets.

Emotional Profile

  • Lives by a very strict code of his personal sense of morality.
  • Very little gray or middle of the road in his world.
  • Often uses adages in his speech.
  • Possess a wry sense of humor.
  • An introvert who really dislikes crowds and doesn’t set foot in a city unless it’s a last resort.


  • Ex-lawman and private security.
  • Confident with firearms.
  • Good offensive pilots.
  • Co-owner of Podcity

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