Name: Gilles Striker

Data Courier  |  Mercury Star Runner


Gilles is an Ex-Special Forces Captain in the UEE Navy, who ran afoul due to compromising information he discovered about a high ranking official. He survived assassination attempts he believes were orchestrated by Navy officials. He eventually reached an agreement that granted him an honorable discharge after signing confidentiality agreements.

He hasn’t had much luck back in the world as a civilian. He’s bitter and quick to anger, making him a less than a desirable employee. He’s a killing machine, no longer interested in wielding a weapon but isn’t equipped to do much else.  He fell in love with a temptress named Reya, who he eventually tried to smuggle out of Outsider territory in Leir.

Physical Characteristics

  • He’s in his early thirties.
  • Six-foot-four, muscular, big hands and war-ravaged face.
  • Jet black hair with blue eyes.
  • Neurojacker whose comm ring was cauterized.

Emotional Profile

  • Jaded and surly loner.
  • Disillusioned and brooding over a lost love.


  • Ex-Special Forces Captain, UEE Navy.
  • Discharged under questionable circumstances.
  • Freelance Data Courier


  • Lives in Podcity: Pod 3 Level 4
  • In love with Reya
  • Laying low due to a conflict with from Silas Takin and The Outsiders

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