Full Name: Leana Maria Moralis

Field Medic  |  Cutlass Red


At twenty-four, Leana was one of the youngest Astro Field Medics to graduate from the John Hopkins Orbital University medical program. The competitiveness of the curriculum was legendary. A soul-crushing pace of studies for General Medicine, Emergency Services Technician and physical conditioning for the rigors of space. The grueling eight-year program had a 30% dropout rate. Leana’s first appearance in Podcity occurs in Fire in the Hole where she’s asked to come to the aid of two seriously injured miners. It’s there that she faces her first life-threatening event.

Physical Characteristics

  • She’s 24 years old.
  • Barely over 5 feet tall.
  • Her chestnut colored hair is worn in a spikey crew cut.
  • She’s Mexican from New York City.
  • Her cherub-like features are overdramatic for her too thin face.

Emotional Profile

  • Extremely smart, clever, outspoken and ambitious.
  • Her confident manner is calming in an emergency.
  • She lives by facts, putting little store in what she can’t demonstrably prove.


  • Owns a Cutlass Red ambulance ship which was a graduation gift from her parents.
  • Graduated early and with top honors from John Hopkins Orbital University (JHOU) medical program.
  • Practicing Field Medic who was on her way to freelance on Terra.
  • Working to completed the JHOU Medical Guild’s entrance requirements quicker than the typical 3 years.
  • Uses a MicroTech 3XV data tablet with an expandable virtual screen to maintain medical records, diagnostics software and the patient procedures database needed to track her progress on the Medical Guild requirements.

Appears In

  • Fire in the Hole – coming soon