Full Name: Maggie Jane Schlotz

Podcity Co-Owner & Guest Services | Reliant Kore


Maggie had a rough and tumble childhood. Her parents worked hard and provided the best they could under the circumstances. However, based on the standards of their time, they had too many children. As unskilled laborers, there weren’t enough hours in the day for them to earn enough money to raise the standard of living for a family of their size.

As a child, Maggie always dreamed of having more. She knew there was a much bigger world out there than the tin cans with oxygen style in which she was raised. Her big dreams lead to her decision to become a licensed paramour. This choice led to ill feelings between her and her family, causing an estrangement that was never resolved.

When we first meet Maggies she’s own the Red Dragon, a popular pub on Grim Hex in Stanton. We eventually learn that she was an ex-paramour who decided she could do something else with her life, even if it meant giving up her lush lifestyle. But first, she had the escape and aggressive, abusive and longtime customer, Larry.

Physical Characteristics

  • Tall, lithe with keen features and almond-shaped brown eyes that dominate her face.
  • She’s in her mid-fifties, an aging beauty.
  • Hair is streaked with gray.

Emotional Profile

  • Friendly, confident and well spoken with a sharp wit.
  • Intuitive and compassionate.


  • Ex-paramour
  • Owned Red Dragon Pub on Grim Hex in Stanton
  • Co-owner of Podcity in Terra

Appears In