Leana Moralis – Field Medic

At twenty-four, Leana was one of the youngest Astro Field Medics to graduate from the John Hopkins Orbital University medical program. The competitiveness of the curriculum was legendary. We see her in action when two injured miners send out an S.O.S. near Podcity.

Podcity: The Fallen

He swirled the melting ice cube around in his glass. “Time to move on,” he thought to himself and proceeded to down the remainder in a single gulp. He was knocking the ice cube back and forth in the empty glass when a shadow fell over him.

Gilles Striker – InfoRunner & Security

Gilles is an Ex-Special Forces Captain in the UEE Navy, who ran afoul due to compromising information he discovered about a high ranking official. He survived assassination attempts he believes were orchestrated by Navy officials.

Genesis of the Idea

In addition to continuing to improve my writing and establish a disciplined schedule, I wanted to create a series of characters and places that could live outside the container of Star Citizen lore. I wanted the option of lifting the short stories outside of the Cloud Imperium’s IP if I felt they had legs. In my mind, this necessitated a single location that was unique to my canon. Podcity and it’s related stories blend sci-fi and elements of cyberpunk.

Deluna Pub

Deluna is the only pub on Podcity. Located in Pod 1 on Level 1. It’s co-owned by Maggie Schlotz and John James.

Maggie Schlotz – Podcity Co-Owner

Maggie had a rough and tumble childhood. Her parents worked hard and provided the best they could under the circumstances. She escapes poverty by being a licensed Paramour. A decision that results in a permanent estrangement with her family.

John James – Podcity Co-Owner

John James is an introvert who is very comfortable in his skin. A self-appointed bachelor his list of friends is slim – much to his preference. We first encounter him in The Exterminator.

A Day in the Life – Charles’ Dilemma

A small crowd gathered around the makeshift food truck hovering just off landing pad A00. Port Olisar, the aging starbase stationed in the trade lanes above Crusader, was coming to life. Local cargo haulers, miners and, small service crews, called the dilapidated two-story four-strut structure home…

Maggie’s Origin Story

Maggie, a licensed paramour in Croshaw begins planning for a different life in Stanton but a demanding and malevolent client has other ideas.

Journey to Stanton

On the maiden voyage captaining her ship outside of its home base, a young medic stumbles on a cargo ship being ambushed inside the Pyro to Stanton jump point tunnel.