Name: Deluna Pub

Location: Podcity, Pod 1 on Level 1

Deluna is the only pub on Podcity. Located in Pod 1 on Level 1. It’s co-owned by Maggie Schlotz and John James. Maggie runs the place with help from Podcity Junior Staff who do rotations through the various roles. We first see Deluna in The Fallen short story. Patrons can purchase alcohol and pick from a small selection of appetizers. 


  • Gilles sat in Deluna, the Podcity pub located on the first level. Being a sphere, it was circular with curved cushioned booths lining the walls. The bar was in the center, surrounded by mismatched bistro tables and chairs.
  • Gilles examined his scotch and unconsciously drummed his fingers on the scarred lacquer table.
  • The dim lighting of the pub, the solemnity of his voice, and silence that echoed around them cast a funeral-like pall.