MISC was formed in 2805. It was a merger  between the failing Hato Electronics Corporation and the Musashi Lifestyle Design Unit. The merger capitalized on Hato’s network of large-scale production facilities and Musashi’s design genius.

MISC is based on Saisei in Centauri and maintains its corporate offices there. As a manufacturer, they’re known for the ergonomics of their factories, where spacecraft are robotically assembled with precision.  Their central dealership facility resides there and is open to the public.  It’s a location worth visiting if you’re in the area.

Centauri was one of the first systems settled during Humanity’s expansion among the stars.  It was discovered in 2365 by a dedicated survey ship.  Centauri III was quickly offered up at a premium to colonial outfitting groups. The result was Saisei, one of the most beautiful and well-constructed Human worlds in the UEE.   Saisei is known for its  natural beauty, organic construction and limited population.  Fujin City is the landing point for most visitors and boasts a fully automated high volume landing zone.  And of course there’s the  MISC factory, which is considered a must see.

The majority of MISC’s business comes from the production of their heavy industrial division. MISC-HI is responsible for a range of configurable bulk transport spacecraft that are ubiquitous in UEE space. Their sturdy and modular designs are an industry standard for shipping among human corporations. Four standard hulls are mass produced.  They range in size from  the efficient Hull A the enormous Hull D.

An unexpected popularity among the Xi’An spawned an unlikely business relationship.  It led to MISC becoming the only Human spacecraft corporation to sign a lend lease agreement with the Xi’An.  Although the specifics of the arrangement are a tightly guarded secret, it’s rumored that Xi’An technology is used in Freelancer development. And there are claims suggesting MISC’s next line of spacecraft, will adapt Xi’An thruster technology for use in Human ships.

In recent years, MISC has turned its attention to advancing its two ship lines marked for personal use – the Freelancer and Starfarer.  They’ve funneled profit from their corporate revenue to break into this crowded segment, battling against giants such as Roberts Space Industries and Drake Interplanetary.

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