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Nyx consists of three unremarkable planets circling an F-Type Main Sequence star.  Located directly on the border of a dark nebula, visibility and scanner use are limited due to the gases being discharged. The system’s few inhabitants are rather fond of being able to fly under the radar.  Lacking invaluable natural resources, the system is not known for possessing much of interest.  However, it has gained utility as a waypoint for haulers flying the Castra-Stanton run. Be forewarned – piracy is common is very common in this system. Travelers are advised not to veer off the standard space lanes. And even then, your safety is not guaranteed.


  • Alignment: Unclaimed
  • Habitable Planets: None
  • Space Stations: None
  • Asteroid Belts: Glaciem Ring and Keeger Belt
  • Gas Giant: None
  • Ice Giant: Nyx III
  • Jump points: Breman (L), Castra (L), Odin (L), Tohil (L), Pyro (M) and Virgil (L)
  • Points of Interest
    • Delamar asteroid settle.  Be sure to bring a weapon and some mace