Before charging forward with new pages, I’m implementing a few usability enhancements. This saves time for Dossier pages that are essentially using the same template. Expected completion date is September 10th.

  • Starmap Matrix Page
    • Persist the header row as the data scrolls down
    • Filters will now operate as an “and” condition instead “or” to support iterative refinement of data displayed
    • Adding New Filters
      • Type
      • Gov
      • Population (red, yellow or green)
      • Economy (red, yellow or green)
      • Danger (red, yellow or green)
  • System Composition Page
    • Improve readability and use of horizontal spacing  – rounding to 3 decimal places:  Age, Distance, Size, Axial, Orbit
    • Trim Jump Point names to remove the Star System name & hyphen off the front to reduced clipping.  Ex “Bacchus – Garron” will become “Garron”
  • Dossier Pages
    • Move description after Jump points to align  descriptions for the Star System and Celestial objects
    • Jump Points table – default to sort desc by count
    • Adding New Filters
      • Type
      • Gov
      • Population Filter (red, yellow or green)
      • Economy Filter (red, yellow or green)
      • Danger Filter (red, yellow or green)
  • Implementing Google Analytics on all starmap related pages

Please leave feedback for this release in this post’s comment thread.  Comments locked until the release is live.


  1. No known issues.

Please leave feedback and issues found in the comments thread below. Thanks!