The Xi’An Empire is a hereditary absolute monarchy, located along the border of the Eastern Systems. It is comprised of at least fourteen known systems and is governed by Emperor Kray. The emperor has a High Council of Advisers, each representing a facet of the government. The title of Emperor passes down through the family line. A similar government structure is found on each Xi’An controlled planet, with every planetary council member reporting to their respective counterparts on the Emperor’s Council.

Xi’An are the masters of diplomacy in the Star Citizen universe. They are patient and refined but will summon a fighting force when necessary. Their restraint carries over into their language and speech. Getting the correct tone of politeness can be difficult for non-native speakers. They live for centuries; for this reason, propagation of the species is carefully monitored and directed by the government to prevent overcrowding.

While their placid demeanor can often be interpreted as aloofness or apathy, their long lifespan means that they act with decades in mind, not years.  The Xi’An are the second alien race to be discovered by the UEE, the first having been the Banu.

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