June 18, 2024

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Pardon My Dust

An updated theme, refreshed visuals and features for hosting in-game events.

Alysianah’s World is undergoing a small facelift. I’ve wanted to update the theme for quite some time. However, resolving issues on the back-end related to pulling data from the RSI ARK Starmap was more important. Aly’s World now has a staging site where I can experiment with changes prior to pushing them to the live site which was also a good bit of work. There are considerably more pages constructed than are visible. Being a lore lover and enthusiast around the universe being built, I raced to investigate how star map fit into career logistics. As we now know, the world itself is taking years to evolve which makes the pages moot at this stage. However, I may put them back on the site anyway.

I moved forward with a small visual update once the back-end issues were resolved. Unfortunately, aspects of the previous template were proprietary to that them, something I wasn’t aware of as a novice Word Press user when I started the site. Original posts will be missing the right-side column of pictures which we couldn’t find a way to programmatically fix. I’ve manually modified the most recent posts but that’s as far as I’m taking hand-touching articles. Please pardon the dust on the remaining original content.

Resolving the back-end data problems and finally executing the visual update was important to complete before the next big upgrade to Aly’s World. Thinking about the way I plan to play Star Citizen, and the activity I like to engage in for my end-game, it’s always around providing a service to others. There’s of course the traditional resource gathering and crafting that the CIG itself will take care of via whatever in-game mechanics they provide. Then there’s the fun we can make on our own in a sandbox game with the breadth of features planned for Star Citizen, which is a whole other kettle of fish.

Hosting events such as Themed Luxury Tours, Murder Mysteries on the 890 Jump, Scavenger Hunts, Closed Location Races, etc., are activities I’m really looking forward to doing on the weekends. I’ll still do my solo “decompress my brain” in whatever short sessions I have time for during the workweek. Whereas on Saturdays, I have the time, patience, and desire to play with others.

Me being me, I want a convenient to share event details, allow people to RSVP, collect information on participants, and host the actual event. My wants are bigger than my free time so it will be rolled out in modules so I can test the core features first. Stay tuned for more as things evolve.

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