April 25, 2024

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Star Citizen NightBus – Premiere Episode

Doing a show like The NightBus has been on my mind for many months. Paying homage to the Night Bus in the Harry Potter series, I wanted a show format where I could discuss whatever was on my mind about the game AND the often fickle backer community. One that allowed more flexibility in the content and didn’t require the considerable research necessary to do Casual Citizen which is aimed at helping to educate users.  Moreover, I wanted to experiment with including fiction from CIG, fan fiction from others and some of my own to add more creativity in what’s being produced.

Unlike Casual Citizen, TNB doesn’t focus on the visual aspect of the show. It’s designed primarily as an auditory experience. There may be times when I don’t have video that’s pertinent to the topic at hand. I’m looking into options of what I can use for complimentary visual effects long term. It also won’t be available on SoundCloud. I’ve had to maintain an annual service account on SoundCloud to host audio only versions of Casual Citizen and my narration of the Star Citizens Writer’s Guide because of the total length of the uploads.  If not, SoundCloud starts removing shows from the earliest uploaded. This would result in an incomplete series for the Writer’s Guide which is the first series of content I produced for Star Citizen. in 2017, I won’t be continuing the $200 annual subscription needed to host as much content there as I do. I’ll look into another means that can utilize the website infrastructure I’m already paying to maintain for Alysianahsworld.com.

You can listen to the first episode of The NightBus here on YouTube. I’m hoping that the reduced production requirements will allow me to release these more frequently. I have tons of ideas of things I want to share, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. *Smile*

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