June 17, 2024

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Remove Public Transportation from Commercial Careers

No carrier in the world would include drivers leaving their utility vehicles to ride public transportation.

Trains in and of themselves are cool. However, when interjected into transportation like professions, they’re bad. I mean, really bad. There isn’t a courier or transportation service in the world, that would have a driver disembark their utility vehicle to hop on public transportation to complete a delivery. NONE.

Off-loading to a smaller utility vehicle is common. If we had to do that, it would make perfect sense to me. You’re not going to land your Hull E at Area 18. If you need to deliver a load there, you’ll have to transfer the merchandise to a smaller ship before going planetside. I’m good with that scenario. It’s extra steps, but it’s logical. We all know commercial carriers redistribute merchandise once it arrives at a warehousing facility. Items are regrouped into smaller sensible routing clusters. However, that effort would not include, “Hey, let’s hop on this public train for the last leg of the journey.” What??

Some of the nit things we encounter in the game in the name of realism make decisions such as not having terminals at the spaceports feel a bit crazy. Especially when these assets already exist for mining, trade, and package delivery. The fact that they’re not present in abundance, at the spaceports, is a huge oversight.

I’m all for trains, shuttles and the alike, as part of civilian life. However, they have no place being part of the commercial process. I hope this gets addressed soon. Being forced to ride a train after landing my cargo ship just to get to a trade terminal is annoying and detracts from the experience. The same holds true for selling mined materials. We’re essentially forced to use trains and shuttles merely to go interact with a terminal. Why? I’d like to pass on that, please.

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