March 31, 2023

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All things Star Citizen


4 min read

Salvage is the first of the industry professions I backed that’s now in the game, along with the ships I purchased. Refuel is here as a precursor to Pyro but is an unnecessary function at this time since game services can more easily refuel your ship. Also, I backed to do it with the Vulcan, not the Starfarer. CIG’s implementation of mining left me confident that all the professions would be done well. Yes, we’ve had hiccups along the way in balancing them

2 min read

Recently, I made my first foray into using¬†GameGlass for Star Citizen. In the past, I’ve utilized Voice Attack to handle the myriad of keybinds required but can’t fit on my HOTAS. These days, however, I want to avoid being tied to a microphone for basic gameplay. GameGlass offers free and premium service options and premade shards are available for immediate use. I opted to purchase a couple of shards.