July 14, 2024

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The More, The Merrier!

In the post Odyssey expansion world of Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen has seen an influx of players introducing themselves on Reddit to the Star Citizen community. Naturally, we’re more than happy to welcome them. I don’t see any reason for either fanbase to take a competitive stance. Fun is 100% subjective. You like what you like, and I enjoy what I like. Being in a disagreement doesn’t make either game bad. I’m not into hating games for the sake of it. It’s such a waste of time. Why do I care what another person enjoys? If it’s legal and consensual, it’s none of my business anyway.

I played EVE Online on and off for seven years. To have played that long, even in spurts, means I had fun. I spent much of that time salvaging, solo questing, and exploring. War declarations dominated my time in organizations which has a way of curtailing your freedom of movement, which wasn’t for me. I enjoyed group PVP events but not when my every session needs to account for it.

I tried Elite Dangerous, but it simply wasn’t a fit. After two days, I could discern it didn’t bring the most important things to me as an MMO player, so I refunded it. But, of course, that decision is entirely subjective and doesn’t mean the game is terrible. I didn’t post on Reddit about it. I didn’t go to ED forums to post about it. Honestly, who cares?

I’ve disliked many games over the years and have never felt the need to tell the population who does enjoy that game that I didn’t. I will blog about gaming, and that’s where you’ll find commentary on games I’ve liked and disliked, as people who follow my gaming come here to read about my activity and opinions.

I’m always pleased to see the Star Citizen community grow. MMO success depends on having an adequate size player base to support the cost of maintaining the game for an extended period. So far, Star Citizen hasn’t had that problem, but we’re still years away from Beta, much less an official release. The more, the merrier.

There’s no hate or shade toward the Elite community when we welcome new Star Citizens. We’re simply glad to see more fans, much like you would with anything else you happen to enjoy. It’s fun to share excitement and enthusiasm. It’s natural to want to belong to a community that shares your interest. Celebrating that doesn’t innately mean your shitting on another game. Unless of course, when you are.

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