May 24, 2024

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About Alysianah Noire

As a gamer, I’m an avid MMO player who enjoys blogging about my adventures, sharing information and creating guides and tutorials. I came into MMOs through a dark tunnel. I’d been diagnosed with cancer and was often required to spend time away from home receiving treatment.

Welcome to Alysianah’s World of Star Citizen, a portal to my Star Citizen related content. During the three years I’ve been following the game, the content I’ve created has been spread across locations  – my blog, SoundCloud, iTunes and other websites. The long term plan is to create and/or link it all within this website.    

As a gamer, I’m an avid MMO player who enjoys blogging about my adventures, sharing information and creating guides and tutorials. I came into MMOs through a dark tunnel. I’d been diagnosed with cancer and was often required to spend time away from home receiving treatment. I began blogging as a way of whispering my fear of dying into the void and to deal with the idea that I might potentially be leaving my family behind.  I turned to online gaming as a diversion and a way of spending time with my children while I was away.  Together we entered our first MMO and my gaming persona Saylah was born.  More than a decade later, I’ve remained in remission and have raised children who are all hardcore gamers.  We’ve infected nieces, nephews and cousins along the way, and have had amazing experiences together, regardless of who lives where. 

When I started covering Star Citizen in earnest, I moved beyond blogging. I created a narrated version of the Star Citizen Writer’s Guide to help other writers. I ended up embracing YouTube when I needed somewhere to host videos I recorded to accompany blog posts. Eventually, I combined narration and video to produce my Casual Citizen vidcast.  

A recent focus has been exploring how information from the ARK Starmap, can be combined with the Galactic Guides, to inform player professions. This journey started as a manually generated gnarly Google Sheet that I shared with the community.  Today, it becomes an automated website. I’m elated to have this first iteration completed and hope you find the information valuable, informative and entertaining.

With the exception of continuing to publish Casual Citizen on YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes, all of my content will now originate from this website.  My Mystic Worlds blog, will remain as a journal of my personal adventures, has it has been for all the other MMOs I’ve played throughout the years.

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of Star Citizen and Cloud Imperium Games. I think that on the whole, we have a diverse and supportive community that I’m proud to be a member of. See you in the ‘verse!

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