May 24, 2024

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Hand Mining

Gone Mining

Doing things my way as a temporary miner in Star Citizen.

The thing I refused to do in EVE Online because it bored me to tears, is what I’m doing the most in Star Citizen. Mining, one of the few player professions currently in-game, is the one I find the most enjoyable. It’s not on my long term list, but it fits the bill for an activity I can perform without game directives. AKA I don’t need missions to have content.  If I’m not in the mood to mine I’ll occasionally do bounty missions for a bit of combat. Sometimes I play the market with commodities trading, what currently passes for cargo hauling. Otherwise, I’m peacefully drifting in space aboard my favorite ship, the Origin 890 Jump.

What I enjoy about mining is similar to the professions I backed with ships and am waiting to arrive. It’s content that’s undirected. I can go wherever I choose in pursuit of the activity. Or it’s an activity where other players are the primary source of the game-play. 

  • Mobile field medic on an RSI Apollo.
  • Running a floating hospital on the Hope. 
  • Farming aboard the Endeavor.
  • Exploration flying the Carrack.
  • Luxury RP tours on the 890.
  • A mobile service station on the Venture.
  • Roving specialty goods trader on the Merchantman.

No missions. No artificial grind. I don’t have the time or patience for traditional game generated checklists anymore. What I enjoy most about MMOs is logging into a well conceived world and making my own fun. This has been possible even in theme park games like WOW due to player professions. Like EVE Online and ArcheAge, there are enough sandbox elements to suit my brand of gaming – lots of solo entertainment for the quiet time I need and group content for on the weekends. The introduction of the Argo Mole allows mining to fit the bill for both types of activities.

Drifting Alone in Space

With my backpack and handing mining tool equipped, I climb aboard my Misc Prospector. I pick the planet, moon, or asteroid belt I’m in the mood to explore, set the route, and let the adventure begin. At least half the time it’s just me the game and my thoughts. Other times I have a favorite streamer, vidcast, or podcast playing beside me on a tablet. Fully relaxed, decompressing, peacefully drifting along. 

I choose which nodes to mine. When to hop out of the ship to hand mine gems. Stop to watch a sunrise or sunset. Wait out a snow or sand storm. Fly back out of the atmosphere to chase daylight for better visibility. Remain unphased by the encroaching darkness, continuing on my way undisturbed. 100% my choices and pacing. All taking place in a meticulously rendered sci-fi world. 

Yes, some days it feels like development is taking forever. We live with bugs, workarounds, and delays. I completely disconnect from it if I start feeling annoyed. I don’t want to ruin this journey before its really even begun. This is likely the only MMO of this scope we’ll see for a very long time. There isn’t anything close to what’s planned that I could play today. So we wait because a good session in SC is like magic. That feeling of wonder and awe of materializing in my first MMO with the kids. Those games are far and few, so I take the simple pleasures as they come in SC, and for now, it’s mostly drifting alone mining.

You can take a look at my earlier posts to see more about Star Citizen’s take on a mining mechanic.

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