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Star Citizen Nightbus Episode 4 – Bar Citizen, Davien and Fiction set in ArcCorp

Hello World, it’s Alysianah from I’m back with another episode of the Star Citizen NightBus. I apologize in advance for this uncharacteristically long show, owed to finishing out Bryony’s Dilemma. Avail yourself of the time-stamps listed in the video description to skip around. Having promised the conclusion in this episode, I didn’t want to break it up into a fourth installment.

This week’s show topics are:

  • Bar Citizen, Where it all Began
  • Star System Lore: A Look at Davien
  • The conclusion of Bryony’s Dilemma

Sit back, relax and I’ll see you on the other side…

Exiting statis. The Nightbus departing in 3…2…1



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Funny how things work out. The show’s audio was recorded a few weeks ago but I was too busy to edit and produce. Two of the topics were recently covered by CIG.

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Bar Citizen is something of a gaming community phenomenon in my experience. It started slowly at first, people getting together in lieu of being able to attend official events being held by Cloud Imperium Games. Now, they’re happening all over the place and with increasingly frequency. It’s a wonderful thing to connect in person with others who share your passion for a topic – gaming or otherwise. I hope it bodes well for the longevity of this community and its ability to be friendly, cooperative and inviting.  So where did the official Bar Citizen scene begin? You’re about to find out.

From Jorunn, one of the curators of the Bar Citizen site and its Discord channels.

There were some Bar Citizens here and there for a couple of years but only in a few places were they regular. Elsewhere there were efforts to use the forums to get people together but they seemed to mostly fizzle out, even though there was a lot of interest.

GrayHeadedGamer and Twerk17 wanted to get a Florida Bar Citizen event together and I was asked to take point.  This turned out to be a perfect confluence of my passion for Star Citizen,  event management and team building skills.

We figured Orlando would be a good central location for the state with a lot of possible places to meet.  GHG started the Florida Discord Channel that was used as a coordination point. I went to the forums and tracked down everyone who had ever expressed interest in a meetup, tagged them all in a forum post with event info, possible venues, and a date that would give us enough time to organize, and directed them to the discord channel.

By the time it was said and done, I’d tagged around 140 people from the forums and started to get many people in the Discord with a lot of interest. Sofiegirl mentioned the upcoming Bar to SC community managers, who in turn lent their support. The upcoming Bar Citizen was featured in an ATV Spotlight and Community Manager Tyler Witkin attended the event.

The rest is history. Momentum continued to grow up to the event and after. The rising interest encouraged us to formalize the process with a website where events could be listed and to find additional event planners.

END Quote

Well done one and all! I think the Bar Citizen movement is nothing short of amazing. I haven’t had the opportunity to attend one yet myself.  Real life continues to conspire against me but I plan to. Hats off to all the organizers and to CIG for getting behind the events. I’ll include a link to the official Bar Citizen website in the show notes.


According to the current ARK Starmap:  Managing Government is UEE, Population is high, Economic standing is low and is the general threat level.

Davien is most famous for being the location of our first alien contact. In 2483, a NavJumper named Vernon Tar took a potshot at a Banu pilot, mistaking him for a pirate.  Things were smoothed over and the first interstellar peace treaty was formed.  Humans quickly flooded the system to do business with the Banu. However, as larger systems and more jump point tunnels were discovered, interest gradually moved elsewhere.

Highlights for Player Careers and Commodities:

  • Davien is one of the few star systems that lacks both a gas giant and an asteroid belt. It does however, possess options for the following:
  • Tourism: Davien holds claim to alluring “Open Air” underground cities, the Aegis Dynamics corporate headquarters and the Banu Friendship Museum, which can offer opportunities for those with an interest in tourist trades.
  • Cargo Hauling: Davien II, also called Cestulus, is considered the gateway to the Eastern Empires. Dozens of cargo spacelanes crisscross the system offering long haul cargo transportation jobs.
  • Trade: Jata, the city that most represents the Banu culture, is in constant need of exotic resources.
  • Short Range Transport: Passenger transport work may be available for small operators interested in shuttling transient workers and locals to and from Davien’s various entertainment space ports.

Interstellar Travel: Davien contains Jump Point Tunnels to Ferron, Kilian, Sol, Cano, and Cathcart

For more information on Davien and the Banu, check out articles on Aly’s Starmap Matrix and Detailed Star System Dossier pages on I’ll include direct links in the show notes.



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