July 14, 2024

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Bounty Hunting

5 min read

PVE ship combat bounties are a very popular activity because they don’t require specialized ships. You can successfully jump into the game with a starter ship and complete flight combat bounties. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for FPS bounties, which are equally popular. For the FPS bounties, you need basic gear that is purchasable in-game.

1 min read

A byproduct of players dropping all gear as loot upon death is that many more players are now choosing to run around in the default scrub-looking white suit. Getting a marker to retrieve your corpse or the game persisting it through a full death isn’t 100% reliable.

3 min read

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 is turning players into little Loot Goblins. Those who are inclined now have multiple avenues of collecting loot. And not all of them require completing formal missions. I’ve even joined in on the fun by scouring nearby outposts when I’m traversing a moon while mining or as it’s convenient when I’m in transit.

5 min read

You don’t hear much from Star Citizen backers about the stealth bomber, the Aegis Eclipse. I suppose it makes sense given that it’s a 3-hit wonder, being that it only carries three torpedoes. However, the beauty of that payload is that they are size 9 ARGOS IX torpedoes that use Crosssection signal tracking, giving them a high degree of accuracy at damaging a single target.

3 min read

Regardless of long-time backer complaints and the number of years Star Citizen has been in an Alpha, interest in the game grows. I’m following several streamers who are new to the game, which generates interest in their pre-existing followers. Issues and all, new players are considerably more positive and excited about Star Citizen than those of us who have been watching the paint dry.

5 min read

Although the player professions are what I’m most excited about in Star Citizen, I need a break from cargo hauling and mining. So it’s back to where it all started when all we had in the Persistent Universe was ship combat.

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