July 14, 2024

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Volume 1.1: Hello 2017 and more

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Although the Star Citizen universe is celebrating the arrival of the year 2947, my feet are firmly planted in 2017. I have two big initiatives planned for Alysianah’s World that I hope people will enjoy and appreciate.

Aly’s world 1.0 released in August of 2016. Since that time I’ve done 3 major updates to the site features in an effort to continue evolving the use of the physical world represented in the official ARK Starmap, combined with the official lore and canon, to aide backers in logistics planning for player careers. Making the lore more easily accessible is also helpful for those interested in it for entertainment purposes. As well as using it for reference material when working on fan fiction.

In 2017, I want to refine what’s currently available by enhancing its usability and improving the website’s overall performance. The one big feature update currently on the drawing board is to add a more flexible Jump Planner module. While this type of feature isn’t needed in the current alpha, it will take quite some time to build my particular vision of one. For that reason, I’m starting early.

Another huge focus will be providing more content – more news, information, articles, and lore, turning it into an entertainment resource for all things SC. For the majority of 2016, most of my time that was allocated to the website was for development. This year, I want to shift that to providing more actual content. Providing content is what I enjoy most and huge incentive for creating Aly’s World in the first place. It’s time to start furnishing the rooms.

In December I was able to launch The Star Citizen NightBus, a more casual vidcast about Star Citizen that uses an Op-Ed format and includes fan fiction. I’m also looking into doing an internet radio channel of sorts via Twitch somewhere around the 2nd quarter of the year. And I’m also collaborating with the SCLoreCast group to narrate more official lore and fiction.

Thank you so much for the support during the journey. I’m looking forward to continued growth and the adventures that lay ahead in Alpha 3.0.


A couple of months ago, I was asked to collaborate on producing lore narrations with SCLoreCast. SCLC is a group dedicated to bringing Star Citizen lore to life by narrating the official dispatches and fiction published by Cloud Imperium Games. I’m looking forward to an on-going relationship with this very talented group, all of whom are members of the SC community.

You can listen to the episode here.  Please support their labor of love by subscribing to their YouTube channel, where they’re also running their first contest.

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Planning to explore the competitive side of Arena Commander? Interested in understanding the underlying mechanics of combat as of Alpha 2.6? Malogos of the SC Reddit sub-community has a two YouTube videos you may find enlightening.

He’s been collecting data on how the components of various ships behave during combat and has compiled suggestions to improve balance. They’re titled as “rants” but they’re not really so don’t be put off by it. They’re actually very informative. You can find them on his YouTube channel here.


If you’re among the brave and fearless shooting rifles and lobbing grenades in Star Marine, you’ll find a new video from Twerk17 very informative. He has an excellent overview of how the current implementation of the radar feature works – what it supposed to do vs. what it does do. Most of the matches I’ve watched are very competitive which is to be expected of players who enjoy FPS. Don’t be left in the dark because you don’t understand the radar mechanic. You can check out the video on his Youtube channel.


The only thing worse than “shit posts” are the posts demanding people stop making “shit” posts. People really need to get a grip on themselves and realize what’s shit to one, is a treasure to someone else.

I find it comical that people actually exert the energy to write a post telling others what not to post on the internet. I mean really people??? That was easier than simply scrolling by the post? Or downvote it if you must? So what if some like to celebrate every million dollar funding milestone. It’s no more a shit post than pictures of SC themed birthday cakes, pictures of a toddler behind a joystick with SC on the screen. Let’s all relax and let each other be.

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