Character Progression

Theme park or sandbox, I make each adventure my own.

Gone Mining

Doing things my way as a temporary miner in Star Citizen.

That 890 Jump Life

Alph 3.7 stabilizes bed logout and delivers living the virtual dream aboard the Origin 890 Jump.

Area 18 Arrives

Walking through ArcCorp’s Area 18 was like coming home for me. I had so much fun wandering the concepted tiny area when it was called the Social Module.

Female Avatars Added

The joy of finally having female characters in the Star Citizen Alpha.

Alpha 3.3.5 – Stanton

So many new faces and streamers have found their way to the Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.5 Persistent Universe, it seems like a perfect time for a refresher on the Stanton Star System.

Alpha 3.3.5 – Hurston is Magic

As with most things Star Citizen there’s the good, the bad and the miraculous. Hurston is definitely the latter.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.2

A look at the changes introduced by Alpha Patch 3.2, including a introductory mining guide.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.1

My impressions of the features and ships added into the Star Citizen Persistent Universe in Alpha Patch 3.1

Alpha 3.1 Impressions

Nothing but good vibes in Alpha 3.1, and my gamer’s soul is so ready.

3.0 PTU – I Have Concerns

I’ve been play-testing the newest patch for Star Citizen, Alpha 3.0, on the Private Test Universe. I’ll admit up front, this is the first patch that’s left me feeling concerned about Star Citizen as a whole. I’m a long time backer with a considerable amount pledged.

Alpha 3.1 Truck Stops

What type of content and services can we expect to see at the modular Truck Stops scheduled to be introduced in Alpha Patch 3.1?

Life in Alpha 2.4

Overview of the conten available for play testing in Alpha 2.4.

Alpha 2.1 Content

Content available for play-testing in the Alpha 2.1 patch.


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